Hoar Frost in 1873 by Pissarro, the only painter to exhibit in all 8 exhibitions organised between 1874 and 1886.(Impressionism)

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But are they impressionists? really?🙃 Tough question… The Impressionists do not have truly represented a school, such as, for ex, the School of Barbizon. Instead, they were a group with many styles, unified primarily by their spirit of independence, their fight for recognition and… daily bread!🍔 Most of this group could not make a living from their painting but they stuck together, helped each other. Very often they were true friends to one another. Some more fortunate like Bazille were helping others like Monet when starvation was threatening… These incredible bounds gave consistency and unity to the “Impressionist” group.

From an artistic point of view, it is more difficult to gather them under the same banner😅 Monet himself will write before his death : “…I remain sorry to have been the cause of the name given to a group the majority of which did not have anything Impressionist”.
For example, one still discusses today to know whether Degas who believed in the primacy of drawing over colour and belittled the practice of painting outdoors is a true impressionist painter. Same goes for Cézanne who appears much more as a precursor of XXth century painting.
Moreover, the history of the Impressionist movement was relatively short, and some of the painters who accompanied this movement as of its beginning, such as Renoir, Cézanne, Degas, Guillaumin, will evolve later on in a definitely distinct way. This is even truer for Gauguin and Van Gogh, two great meteors whose road crossed for a short moment the Impressionist movement, .
And of course, Édouard Manet, although regarded by the Impressionists as their leader, never abandoned his liberal use of black as a colour, and never participated in the Impressionist exhibitions. ☝🏻️The routes of the painters of the Impressionist group must thus well be considered individually.
Hoar Frost in 1873 by Pissarro